Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gezunta Goodies

Bring a personalized touch to everyone on your holiday gift list with this original Chanukah gift item.

Personalized dreidel bags are a new product on the market and are ideal for the gift-giver who is looking for a one-of-a-kind item. The felt dreidel bags offered in various colors with detailed stitching are sure to inspire children’s curiosity and excitement about Chanukah. They are perfect for children of every age an,d measuring 9” x 8.5”, are large enough to fill with your favorite items. Affordably priced, this unique product is lightweight, which makes it perfect to ship to those special family members and friends that are miles away. 

It’s always a bit challenging to find a unique gift item under $20 that kids will be enthusiastic about. Since everybody loves something personalized, it’s the perfect gift for everyone and there’s nothing else like it on the market! In addition, each order is personally hand-crafted and with our quick response time for special requests and inquiries, the customer service is great!

Get your personalized dreidel bag today at

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Finding Meaning in Terror

a guest post by Gevura Lauren Davis

11: 32 Monday night
As I was trying to fall asleep, the first message came in from my friend. “OMG, Gevu, terror attack in HAR NOF!!!” Har Nof: the neighborhood in Jerusalem we were blessed to live in for six years. Where I studied. Where we were married. Where we raised our first two children. 

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Monday, November 17, 2014

In Defense of Conversion Rabbis

by Amy Newman Smith 

“And then the rabbis come in,” my friend explained.

“WHAT?!?” I shrieked. I had asked her, a recent convert with the same beis din (rabbinic court) that was handling my conversion, to walk me step by step through the process.

The rabbis come in? To the mikveh? My thoughts were rapid and panicked. I had met and married a fellow Conservative movement convert. Together we had grown in a different direction and were on the threshold of finalizing our Orthodox conversions after 18 months of learning and living Orthodox Judaism. We had upended our lives in more ways than I can count, lost friends who thought we had lost our minds, moved from an apartment we loved to one we hated in order to be within walking distance of the synagogue. And now, my panicked brain thought, I’m going to have to call it all off. I had learned the laws of mikveh, the ritual bath, and knew nothing could be between my body and the water. I had gotten rid of my pants, raised my necklines, started covering my hair. And now I was supposed to be naked in front of three rabbis? Oh no. That was not going to happen.


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Gezunta Goodies

Gezunta Goodies Personalized Dreidel Bags was started by Audrey Groothuis, a mother of a young child.  

As a new mom I’m always looking for an original gift and Gezunta Goodies Personalized Dreidel Bags ( are a unique, affordable gift that is sure to inspire children’s curiosity and excitement about Hanukkah.     

As creative designer I was inspired to produce personalized dreidel bags in the hopes of developing family rituals that continue over generations. After the birth of my own son, and creating his first dreidel bag, I’m excited to share this delightful tradition with many families. They become a beloved part of every Hanukkah celebration, each one unique and special like each family member.

The felt dreidel bags are offered in various colors, and are big enough to fill with your favorite items. 

Get your personalized dreidel bag today at

Monday, November 10, 2014

WWYD? Rap Music, To Go

Here goes the launch of my new series: WWYD?

Christians ask WWJD? Dale Carnegie suggests asking WWLD (what would Lincoln do?). And Judaism might say WWHD (what would Hillel do?). Some of the women that study Judaism with me joke around and say WWRD (what would Ruchi do?)! I'm going to be sharing some questions for advice that I get and answers I've offered - based on how I understand Torah to guide our life's daily choices. 

WWYD = what would you do in that situation?
Questions will be shared anonymously and with permission only. Feel free to submit! 

Here we go:

Hi Ruchi,

My family became religious a number of years ago, and we are careful about the media that we allow in our home.  We don't have a TV, and, with three young children, can and do filter what they see on DVD and the like. 


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gezunta Goodies

And now, a word from our sponsor.  Gezunta Goodies is a really cute product that I think many of you will like!  Gezunta Goodies is sponsoring OOTOB for November, and I'll be publishing four posts about its products here this month.  Please consider patronizing our sponsor!

Gezunta Goodies announces the debut of the first-ever Personalized Dreidel Bag for Hanukkah.

This new product on the market is ideal for the gift-giver who is looking for a one-of-a-kind item. The affordable felt dreidel bags, offered in various colors with detailed stitching, are sure to inspire children’s curiosity and excitement about Hanukkah. They are perfect for children of every age - small children love to play with the safe felt bags, while older kids love to look inside for their favorite goodies, such as an iTunes card.  

Gift cards, Hanukkah gelt & to wrap them? A personalized dreidel bag. Measuring 9” x 8.5” they are large enough to fill with your favorite items. 

Personalized dreidel bags will create sentimental value with each Hanukkah celebration, which is what inspired designer, Audrey Groothuis, to produce them. She first created them as a child herself and has enjoyed them ever since. Her personalized dreidel bag holds many childhood memories and as her family has grown, each member has received their own personalized dreidel bag. It has become a wonderful tradition that is unique and special, like everyone in the family.

Get your personalized dreidel bag today at

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Elevator Pitch


No rush on this...but I'm curious if you can point me to one of your blogs (or someone else's) to address this issue:

I'm at the airport today with co-workers, all of whom are very well-educated professionals.  Three of us are Jewish, three not (only one male).  Somehow the topic of Orthodox Judaism, kosher, etc. comes up and I overhear the other two Jewish people talking.  Then the woman says, "Well, I could never be Orthodox because they treat women as second-class citizens."  

Then the guy starts talking about how his mother teaches secular subjects in an Orthodox day school and how before she was allowed to teach, they reviewed her text books and "ripped out most of the pages on Native Americans" because the students weren't allowed to learn about their lifestyles and/or see pictures of women with their arms uncovered, etc.  Both were chuckling about how outrageous these things are.