Monday, January 30, 2012

Why I'm Still Proud to be an Observant Jew

Still got my head held high
Still so proud I could cry
Trying to be a Torah-observant Jew
is a privilege
an honor
a treasure

Proud of the people that make up my world
Strong women
Kind men
Sweet children, singing pure songs
Respectful teenagers, keeping their language clean, even when so frustrated
Grandparents, who are given the seat of honor and the attention.

Proud of this community
that takes care of the sick
the needy
the stalled cars
just for the mitzvah
non-profits started by individuals in their homes
on every corner.

forgiving debt
refraining from gossip
giving 10% of their tight incomes to charity
inviting strangers into their homes
to help a fellow Jew.

My husband, and so many others, who get up while it's dark
to study some Torah before beginning their day
who find a minyan in which to pray
while traveling
who never sleep in.... because they have a higher Boss.

Torah is perfect -
People are not
Is it a surprise that "we" include
the stupid, the rude, the sick, the emotionally disturbed?

Is there any race, religion, neighborhood that doesn't?
Expectations are exhausting,

We're just people
to live according to the Torah - the one that belongs to us all.

Sometimes we succeed, and sometimes we fail.
But we are trying.

And in the meantime, that makes me proud.
Individuals and communities trying to live meaningful lives
according to our holy Book.

No matter what people may do
or say
my head is held high,
proud, honored, humbled, striving, grateful to be
a Torah-observant Jew
even when



  1. "STILL"??? No one needs your justifications... just stop reading the news and continue to live life the way it should be lived!!

  2. :) thanks DB and welcome to the blog!

  3. Loved the strength and emunah in the tone, very inspiring.


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