Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Most Important Word of the Seder

Hey readers... today I'm blogging over at Life in the Married Lane, a blog by my friend Rivki Silver.  Rivki is my band-mate, fellow can't-stop-thinking-about-random-things-usually-connected-to-Judaism girlfriend, and grammar geek.  I like her.  And her blog is great reading too.

"Word association game:  Seder.
What do you think of?
Brisket.  Matza.  Family.  Bitter herbs (maror).  The Four Questions.  The Four Cups.  Afikoman.
Yup, all those are features of the seder.  But I’ll bet the most important word is the one you haven’t thought of."
To read the rest, head over this way.  And have a wonderful Passover - if you're Jewish!
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